Are our meals frozen?

Yes, we supply a range of delicious frozen meals that are easy to store in a domestic freezer.

What are the portion sizes?

Our meals range from 250gr-350gr (All labels will provide the weight of the meals)

Heating Instructions?

  1. Remove paper sleeve
  2. Pierce the plastic film several times
  3. Depending on the Microwave size and wattage we recommend heating your meal direct from frozen and individually for anywhere between 3-5 minutes.
  4. Remove plastic film and enjoy!

Note: It is suggested that while heating that the meal is checked every 60 seconds to maximum the quality of our product and to ensure no over heating

Once ordered, what happens?

Once your order has been placed and payment has been received, an email confirming the date of delivery will be sent. Once the date is confirmed, our logistics team will deliver to your desired address.

What are our delivery areas?

We deliver to the entire Gauteng region.

How long do meals last?

Our meals do not contain preservatives and therefore can last 6 months from production date provided that the meal is kept frozen.


ORDER BEFORE 14h00 to receive your order the very next day!

Refer to our Special Editions Catalog.