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Let us Celebrate with you!! Cakes are often the centrepiece of any event. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a special occasion without a special cake. They symbolise togetherness, generosity and celebration. We know how important a cake is to many and this is why our team handcrafted such a variety and range, so that they can be shared with loved ones. We are excited for you to discover our offering;

Our passion for baking lies in the quality of our ingredients used, from free range eggs, Belgian chocolate and real butter. Every baked good is handmade with love and attention to detail. While we will do our best to ensure every cake and baked good looks flawless and as close to our reference as possible we cannot guarantee this 100%.

Welcome to Crisp Bakes, your online portal to the most delicious cakes that can be enjoyed for any occasion, because…cake!

Enjoy a freshly baked cake delivered to your door within 48hours!

8cm Mini Baked Cheesecakes x 4

If you are a bakes cheesecake fan, then yes you should do it 🙂

4 of the most delicious New York style baked cheesecakes, individually enrobed in a biscuit shell. Available in: plain, Biscoff, Belgian chocolate or white chocolate caramel

*Please leave preferred flavour option in the notes section (a mix of all 4 flavours is available)

Baked Cheese Cake – Berry (Seasonal berries)

Our Seasonal berry baked cheesecake is berry delicious. A decadent and ultra creamy cheesecake en-robed in a full biscuit shell for that extra richness, topped with fresh seasonal berries. This cake serves as the perfect dessert.

*Please note 48 hours notice is required.

Baked Cheese Cake – Belgian

This is the ultimate New York style baked cheesecake. For a Cheesecake lover this the perfect treat. This decadent and ultra creamy cheesecake is en-robed in a full biscuit shell for that extra richness topped with a delicious semi sweet Belgian chocolate ganache.

*Please note 48 hours notice is required.


Baked Cheesecake – Biscoff & White Chocolate

Total Biscoff Heaven! The smooth creamy baked center filled with swirls of Biscoff spread, only to be topped off with a heavenly Biscoff and white chocolate ganache. Absolutely decadent!

*Please note 48 hours notice is required

Baked Cheesecake – NY Style (Original)

Hello to the ultimate New York style baked cheesecake. This decadent and ultra creamy cheesecake is en-robed in a full biscuit shell for that extra richness. Top with beautiful fresh flowers for a gorgeous addition to your dessert table.

*Please note 48 hours notice is required.



Crisp Bakes (Trading under Crisp Meals (PTY) Ltd) aims to provide top quality cakes and treats that will exceed our customer’s expectation always.

Orders that are placed and paid for will receive email correspondence regarding delivery information.

The minimum required time is 48hours for delivery of your order once received.  Please ensure that the correct shipping information is provided as baked goods that are returned will be charged a double shipping fee for redelivery.

Crisp Bakes (Trading under Crisp Meals (PTY) Ltd) is committed to providing an excellent service and should you be unsatisfied with your product, return of the product will be required where our team will inspect as well as assess as to whether a refund (discount coupon) will be offered.

Crisp Bakes (Trading under Crisp Meals (PTY) Ltd) cannot be held liable;

  1. Should a confirmed customised message be provided incorrectly.
  2. Incorrect shipping details be provided.
  3. Incorrect storage/damage of the baked goods is caused once delivered.

Our AIM:

  1. Delivery within the time frame provided (unless otherwise communicated).
  2. Keep in contact with our customers should a factor out of our control (i.e traffic) occur.
  3. To deliver baked goods that are perfectly intact and scrumptious.
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction, ALWAYS.

Food Allergies:

Crisp Bakes (Trading under Crisp Meals (PTY) Ltd) will ensure that all allergens and main ingredients that cause allergies are disclosed where possible. Although we have a strict no cross contamination policy, our factory may contain traces of milk, soya, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, gluten and eggs. Customers ordering will do so at their own risk. We recommend that our customers highlight an allergy so we as a company can take extra precaution. Crisp Bakes (Trading under Crisp Meals (PTY) Ltd) cannot assume any liability for adverse reactions caused due to the consumption of our baked goods.


Our cakes are fresh and made on order. Once the order has been received please ensure that storing of the cake or baked good is adhered to.

Please consume the cake within 3-4 days once received.

Our cakes are freezer friendly. Simply wrap the portion of cake in tin foil or place in a Tupperware and freeze. Should you wish to defrost, place the cake in the fridge the night before and thaw.


ORDER BEFORE 14h00 to receive your order the very next day!

Refer to our Special Editions Catalog.